Inspired by the fusion of emotion and technology embodied in motorcycles, Blacktrack Motors' raison d'être is to create exclusive, undiluted café racers.


Blacktrack's process involves stripping motorcycles to the bare essentials and bringing them up to date with contemporary components. All to create machines designed for riders that are dissatisfied with modern motorcycle design - but still seek modern day safety, reliability and ride quality. These are not just showpieces, but practical vehicles - made for daily use on the ruban noir.


Motorcycles that are built with passion - and fueled by emotion.


Each Blacktrack Motors model will be built on a carefully selected platform, and produced under special requests. The BT-01, based on the Honda CX500, lead the charge on our cafe racer projects. Favoured by despatch riders in the 80s for its reliability, it was reimagined as something far more exciting. Now, the Blacktrack story continues with the BT-02 and the BT-03




Throughout his career, designer Sacha Lakic has moved fluidly between automotive, architectural, furniture and product design. But there's one trademark that's remained consistent: his love for movement and speed.


It's a by-product of his lifelong obsession with motorcycles - an obsession that saw him proudly launching Blacktrack Motors.

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