A few of our favorite pictures of the BT01 and the BT01 Carbon

Blacktrack first café racer, the BT01

How the café racer BT01 was created?

The blueprint for the BT-01 was created when Blacktrack designer and founder, Sacha Lakic, customized a Honda CX500 that was found in pieces at a friend's garage. Captivated by the allure of the Honda's unique engine layout, he set about transforming the basket case into a sleek, modernized café racer.

The bike was subsequently featured on the prestigious custom motorcycle website, Bike EXIF (eventually coming in at second in their annual Top 10 list and landing on their 2016 calendar). The response was phenomenal, and Lakic soon found himself pressured to produce more of the same.

Now, he's responded - with the Blacktrack BT-01.

«CX500 Café Racer by Sacha Lakic» 

Bike Brewers

The donor of the BT01

The BT-01 started out as a hand-picked, 80s-model Honda CX500. The CX500 was favored by despatch riders in the 80s for its reliability but Lakic loved it for more than just that.

Its unique engine layout and backbone frame design gave it an aesthetic edge, and a visual lightness perfect for a café racer. The v-twin motor has ample character - and a pleasing sound.


The building of the BT01

The BT-01 donor was treated to a thorough overhaul before any other work commenced. Everything was seen to ensure optimal performance and reliability - from new bearings, gaskets and bushes, to a tailor-made wiring system - built with the help of Thierry Avaux and Pierre Gillen from Bike to Be.

The bodywork of the BT01

The BT-01's bodywork is all-new. The fuel tank mimics the CX500's original unit, but is tilted forward slightly. And the solo seat hints at the BT-01's uncompromising nature, complete with non-slip upholstery and contrast stitching.

The changes resulted in a machine that was significantly lighter than stock, making it a joy to ride.


The finishing of the BT01

Clip-on handlebars and rear set foot controls give the BT-01 a sporty riding position to match its stance. The rest of the bike is finished in minimal trim: discreet lighting, side-by-side gauges and a hand-made, exhaust system.

Every component is either painted, polished or powder-coated, with Blactrack's signature red details found throughout. It's a level of attention that you'd expect to see on a bespoke motorcycle - all wrapped up in a chic, timeless package.




special anniversary edition

Blacktrack was a vision that became a reality with the production of our first bike, Blacktrack – BT01.

We launched our first bike in 2015 and the rest, as they say, is history. The roaring success of BT01 inspired Sacha, our founder, to continue taking vintage classics and giving them a contemporary facelift.

Consequently, the Blacktrack BT-02 was born. The success and popularity of both our bikes has motivated us as a brand and we work continuosly and tirelessly to deliver aesthetically pleasing, raw mean machines.

On the occassion of Blacktrack’s 3rd anniversary, we did a surprise to our fans !


Our BT01 Carbon is produced as a single piece, with a unique varnished carbon fibre body on a HondaCX500 engine. 

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video  |  photography  |  ©   Sebastien Nunes


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