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The first Blacktrack cafe racer: the BT01

How the Cafe Racer BT01 was created?

Blacktrack's first cafe racer, the BT01, was built from a Honda CX500.

In 2015, Sacha Lakic, the founder of Blacktrack, had found it dismantled in a friend's garage. Captivated by the unique look of the Honda's engine, he set out to transform it into a modern and sleek cafe racer.

The custom bike was then featured on the bike website Bike EXIF, and eventually placed second in the annual Top 10 cafe racers of 2015 list. With a real buzz around the first cafe racer, the creation of the label was an obvious choice. 

From this was born the Blacktrack label, a brand where only the pleasures of creating and driving rule the laws of model creation.


The base of the Cafe Racer BT01 is a Honda CX500

Blacktrack's first custom bike is based on a Honda CX500, a classic model from the 80s. At the time, the CX500 was appreciated by riders for its ruggedness, but the designer was interested in it for other reasons. 


In particular, it's the unique engine layout and chassis design that the designer says gives it a perfectly light look for building a cafe racer. Not to mention its V-twin engine that has a lot of character and a pleasant sound. 


The construction of the Cafe Racer


The BT01 custom motorcycle bodywork has been completely renewed. The fuel tank is very similar to the original shape of the CX500: only a slight forward inclination on the cafe racer differentiates them. The unique seat lets you see the stripped and raw body of the transformed bike. It is made with non-slip padding and cinnabar red stitching that allows for a contrast with the pure black of the seat leather.

The Cafe Racer BT01 is significantly lighter than its Honda base, which allows for maximum riding pleasure. 

The finishes of the Cafe Racer BT01

The sporty look of the custom bike is allowed for by the clip-on handlebars and controls set at the same height as the single seat. The rest of the cafe racer is stripped down with minimal trim: discreet lighting, side-by-side gauges and a handmade exhaust system.  


Each element is painted, polished or powder coated, with details dressed in Blacktrack red.

The BT01 is generally described as a cafe racer with a timeless look. 


The special edition for the three years of Blacktrack: the Cafe Racer BT01 Carbon

Blacktrack was a vision that became a reality with the production of our first cafe racer bike: the BT01.

The success of the BT01 inspired Sacha, our founder, to continue taking vintage classics and giving them a contemporary look. 

To celebrate the three years of the Blacktrack label, Sacha decided to create a unique version of the BT01 Cafe Racer: the BT01 Carbon. 

This model, using the same base and the same characteristics as the first Blacktrack Cafe Racer, has been dressed this time with a varnished carbon fiber body. 

The BT01 Carbon Cafe Racer is an ode to the DNA of the brand with its unique character and its body using the emblematic colors of Blacktrack: red and black. 


US$59 000 SOLD OUT

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