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The Blacktrack BT-05 CENTO:
A Modern Day Moto Guzzi Café Racer

With three custom motorcycles and one custom Porsche under their belt, Blacktrack Motors now presents their fifth limited edition vehicle: the BT-05 CENTO. Made in Italy and designed specifically for track use, this neoclassic café racer features a 1,400 cc Moto Guzzi engine in a bespoke chassis.


‘Since the inception of Blacktrack Motors, building a cafe racer around a big Moto Guzzi V-twin engine was at the top of my list,’ says Blacktrack Motors founder and lead designer, Sacha Lakic.


‘I love this brand, and this engine, for many reasons. They are soulful – the sound, the vibration, the typical side-to-side movement of a longitudinally mounted V-twin, the look of the motor from any angle, and even the shape of the shaft drive.’


Because of this love for the storied Italian marque, Blacktrack has dubbed their latest offering the BT-05 CENTO – a homage to Moto Guzzi’s 100 year anniversary.


Engine by Moto Guzzi

At the heart of the BT-05 CENTO is the V-twin engine from the Moto Guzzi Griso and 1200 Sport. In production up until 2011, the four-valve, big block mill offers the perfect blend of performance and presence. And to optimize power and torque, the engine capacity is increased from 1,151 cc to 1,382 cc.


The BT-05 only uses the Moto Guzzi engine. The rest of the bike is stripped away, and replaced with carefully selected and purpose-built components. This results in a drastic weight reduction too, from 225 kg to 175 kg.


‘Stripping down a stock Moto Guzzi and simply creating a new style wasn’t enough,’ explains Lakic. ‘With the BT-05 we went one step further, by making it completely track-oriented. All components are selected with these goals in mind: achieving as low a weight as possible, increasing power and torque figures, and making the BT-05 an absolute thrill to ride.


This goal led Blacktrack Motors to the Guareschi brothers.


Chassis by Guareschi Moto

The BT-05 CENTO design is based on a bespoke tubular steel frame, developed by Guareschi Moto.


Located in the heart of Italy, in Parma, this Moto Guzzi specialist shop was founded by Claudio Guareschi 50 years ago. It’s a family business, now managed by his two sons, Vittoriano and Gianfranco.


Guareschi Moto not only sells and services modern Moto Guzzis, but also restores classic motorcycles, and builds finely tuned racing machines. The Guareschi brothers share a vast pool of racing experience and knowledge between them.


Vittoriano has been a professional motorcycle racer, test rider and team manager in his career. He started racing at 17, and later raced in the Supersport World Championship from 1996 to 1998, and in the Superbike World Championship from 1999 to 2000. He went onto help Ducati develop their MotoGP race bike as a test rider, before eventually managing the team for four years.


The younger brother, Gianfranco, has a number of race wins to his name too. And he piloted a Moto Guzzi MGS-01 to two Battle of the Twins victories at Daytona, in 2006 and 2007.


Drawing on these collective experiences, Guareschi Moto has developed a frame for Moto Guzzi’s big block twin that can only be described as an absolute track weapon. And it’s this frame that Blacktrack chose for the BT-05 CENTO.


Design by Sacha Lakic

As with all Blacktrack machines, the BT-05 CENTO’s bodywork is designed by the company’s founder, Sacha Lakic.


Lakic continues his fine tradition of looking to the past to design the future. Inspiration on this project comes from arguably the most iconic Moto Guzzi sportbike of all time: the mid-70s Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans.


But the BT-05 CENTO isn’t designed to be a modern day replica of the Le Mans. Rather, it taps into the spirit of the Le Mans, resulting in a track-focussed machine, with the look of a café racer that’s been put into overdrive. The styling is slick and minimalistic, with bodywork shaped to emphasise the two main features of this machine – its engine and frame.


It’s a clear continuation of Blacktrack’s values: building functional machines with unique and elegant aesthetics. But this time, with a little twist to make it less café and more racer.


Technical Features

The Blacktrack Motors BT-05 CENTO will be revealed to the public in December 2021. This special edition motorcycle will be limited to a maximum of ten units – each one built in Italy, and issued with a one year warranty.


The manufacturing time for a BT-05 CENTO is approximately 12 months. That’s because everything on the motorcycle is made to specification – from the chassis, to the wheels, wiring, bodywork, paint and, of course, a full rebuild of the donor engine.


Blacktrack’s hallmarks are exclusive design, quality and rarity. Like the machines that came before it, the BT-05 is designed to run efficiently and reliably, with high level of performance and safety.

Exclusive colors

True to Blacktrack’s philosophy of creating limited edition motorcycles, each BT-05 CENTO will ship with its own paint and trim colors. And in keeping with the racing theme, a famous race track name will be assigned to each color, like Mugello Grey, Suzuka White, or Le Mans Red.


As usual, some details can be customized according to the customer’s preference.


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