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About us

Founded by the designer Sacha Lakic in 2016 in Luxembourg, Blacktrack Motors was born from the combination of the emotion and technology that motorbikes inspire.

Its raison d'être is to create café racers and customised cars in limited edition as well as accessories.

With values and aesthetics that are deeply rooted in the world of cars and cafés racers, Blacktrack aspires to be a lifestyle brand.

Blacktrack's methodical and detailed approach is the result of Sacha Lakic's years of experience  in the automotive industry.

Blacktrack's designs are meant to generate emotions.

They are aimed at epicureans with an high sense of aesthetics in search of unique experiences.

Cafe racers exhaust
Sacha Lakic cafe racer based Harley Davidson Fat Bob 114

The creator Sacha Lakic

For more than 30 years, designer Sacha Lakic has created many creations, shaped by his passion for movement and speed.
Sacha Lakic has always used his creativity to design objects

in different universes:

contemporary furniture, urban furniture,
cars and motorbikes, architecture, practical or technological objects

and fashion accessories.

In 2016, the designer decided to make one of his greatest dreams come true: the creation of motorbikes and cars according to his vision, as well as accessories that he imagines himself wearing.

Blacktrack was born.